Members of the Wesley United Methodist Men’s Fellowship, realized the need to come together as a united people with a common destiny to assist in the growth and development of the church, and seeking the welfare and interest of one another spiritually, morally and physically.

The motto of the Fellowship is “For Christ- We live”.

The following are our aims and objectives

  1. To acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
  2. To follow the life of Jesus Christ and to discuss His works and teachings at meetings of the fellowship.
  3. To assist the spiritual and moral growth of members in our Lord Jesus Christ.
  4. To promote social activities to raise funds in furtherance of the work of God in the church
  5. To organize lectures, debates, seminars and discussions on religious as well as world affairs for the enlightenment of members of the fellowship.
  6. To discuss our cultural heritage and customs and their relevance to Christian teachings and practices.
  7. To promote fraternal relations among members and other associated fellowships, and help alleviate hardships in time of need.